Update on the Work Day at the APO

Saturday we had our fourth work day at the Arthur Pursell Observatory. Mike Lopez, Jeanne Eckes, Carlos Dominguez, Butch Demmers and I were present. We pulled the weeds next the building. Most of the day was spent emptying the Astro Physics Center and the restroom. We also pulled nails and scraped tape off of the walls. After lunch, we acid washed the floor in preparation for the final finish. We ended the day early because the outside temperature was heating up and we had to wait for the floor to dry before we could apply the finish. Sunday, Butch and I came back and applied the floor finish. Here are some pictures of the finished floor. It is amazing how much better a finished floor looks. Butch and I are going to try to paint the walls and ceiling this Sunday. Mark your calendar for April 27th. We are going to move everything back in to the astro physics center and hopefully spread some bark in the outside observing area. Hope to see you there.



Restroom Floor


Back of the Astro Physics Center


Front of the Astro Physics Center

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Greg Eckes


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  1. Butch
    Butch April 23, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Hey all. The place is actually coming together pretty good! It is amazing what hard work can accomplish if everyone pulls the same direction. We can still use a lot of help, so if you have some time please join us! I believe the rewards will be worth the effort 🙂

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