Tulare Observatory

Congratulations to all us for a very successful day at the observatory yesterday!  Through dint of hard work we managed to bring the old place back to life.  Greg, thanks for all the “extra” work you put in to get us to where we are.  And a special thanks to Jeannie (Greg’s wife) for feeding us all.  I am excited about the many possibilities this additional observing site will bring.  It will be a great place to hold astronomy workshops and special events.  Once all the work is done it will be a place we, and the residents of Tulare County can be proud of.  I look forward to it’s restoration!


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Butch Demmers


I am a 1980 graduate of CSU Chico with a BA degree in Geology and enjoy science, mathematics, and nature, particularly astronomy and bird watching.


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  1. Greg Eckes
    Greg Eckes January 14, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Thanks Butch. I am excited too.

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