TAA hosts party for DASH Physical Therapy

Last Wednesday, the TAA hosted a private party for DASH Physical Therapy employees. The event was held at the newly renovated Arthur Pursell Observatory. Kimber and her husband Jason BBQed try-tip steaks. We also had green salad, potato salad and bread and drinks. It was all delicious!

After dinner, Marvin and I gave power point presentations about the observatory and the night sky. After the presentations, everyone went outside and looked at the moon,  Jupiter and Saturn through the club’s telescopes. As luck would have it, the sky was a little cloudy at times. Even with the clouds, everyone was impressed with what they saw. I used the 10″ scope in the dome, Mike Lopez used the 13″ Dob and Ronnie Rios used the 11″ Celestron CPC.

The evening was very exciting and rewarding. All of the clubs hard work paid off. It was so nice to hear children laughing and having a good time. The expressions on the kids faces, were priceless. It was the first time that they had looked through a telescope. Adults were also awed by the sights.

The APO is alive again! Thank you DASH Physical Therapy for a great evening.

Kimber with Dash Dash piople
Kids with alien Kids next to sign
Presentation2 Presentation1
Kids with dob Kids in dome1
Kids in dome2 Kid with alien
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