TAA Donates Telescope for the “Library Telescope Program”

Back in December, the Tulare Astronomy Association donated a telescope to the Tulare County Library. The TAA won the scope in a national contest sponsored by the Astronomical League . The AL has a program called the Library Telescope Program. In short, the AL asks telescope manufactures to donate telescopes and eyepieces for the program.  Astronomy clubs across the United States are encouraged to participate in the Library Telescope Program and to file an application. The AL goes through the applications and chooses the clubs that will receive a telescope. The scopes are sent to the winning clubs. After receiving the scope the club must set the scope up according to the specifications set by the AL. After the scope has been set-up it is donated to the local public library by the winning club.

The scopes can be checked out by members of the community like a book. It is hoped that the scope will stimulate interest in astronomy among the youth. The scope is easy to use and good for introducing the beginner to the moon, stars and planets.

Mike Blase & Reece Williford withe the donated scope.

Member, Mike Blase did all of the paper work with the Astronomical League and the county library for our club. It was his idea to enter the contest and was the contact person for the AL. After receiving the scope, a lot of work still had to be done. Reece Williford assembled the scope and made it almost impossible to break or loose parts.

I want to thank both Mike and Reece for a job welll done. The scope can be checked our through the Visalia branch of the Tulare County Library. The scope comes with star charts, instructions and a list of objects to view.

Mike & Reece giving the scope to Carol Beers representing the Visalia library.



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  1. nvyshrmp April 10, 2017 at 8:18 am

    It was a pleasure, Greg! Thanks for setting the stage of this fledgling astronomer by running a fun, knowledgeable club.

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