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Recently TAA club members got together for our monthly visit to the Pena Planetarium.   Though we did not take in the show, we did treat those who attended to after-show views of the planets (Saturn I believe) and a few brighter deep sky objects.  Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time and enjoyed looking through the scopes.   For more information on the Pena Planetarium shows visit their website at  

Also, this past weekend, the TAA helped bring the splendors of the night sky to visitors of the Sequoia National Park.   Greg, Mark, Butch, and Nick set up our scopes at Wuksachi Village for a public star party with the Sequoia Natural History Association.  It was a great time, and what a sky!   The sky could not have been darker, clearer, or more steady.  There were plenty of  oohs and ahs at views of the Ring Nebula, M13, the Lagoon Nebula, and Wild Duck cluster, as well as many other incredible deep sky objects.   The weather was perfect (I, again, was in shorts the whole night) and no mosquitoes.  We saw many fine “shooting stars” over the course of the night, and marveled at the glory of the Milky Way!   Nick and his wife Miranda were new to our group but fit right in with the rest of us “old salts”.  We enjoyed getting to know them, and look forward to great astronomy with them.



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