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Since I am feeling rather prolithic this week, I thought I would share my most recent purchase from my favorite online store, Amazon. I have been attempting to get Austin, my son, involved in this hobby and have been looking for a beginner’s logbook of sorts that would allow him to record his oberservations and learn a bit more about astronomy at the same time. Most of the books I have seen are really good at information, but not really logging.

Last meeting when the guys mentioned the different awards one can recieve from the astro league, I started thinking that this would be a great way for both Austin and I to work together at this hobby, so the search for the right book was on. I thought we could record the observations in the logbook and track our progress in meeting the reward requirements at the same time.

I stumbled on the “Night Sky Tracker” and wanted to share my thoughts. Overall, I think it is a great book for beginners and just about anyone looking for general easy reads and plenty of helpful hints about the science and the hobby. I have attached screen shots of examples of the logbook portion and an example of the one of the information sections. The cover is hard plastic, durable, and glows in the dark, so that’s pretty cool. The sections cover everything from equipment, lunar, solar, planetary, deep sky, and observation. All in all, I think it is a great little companion to keep notes of events, observations, meetings, and just about anything astronomy…The best part of all.. The price. $6.80 plus tax and shipping. Total delivered to me less than ten bucks. Take a look. If you want to see the whole thing, I will have it at the star party next weekend.

Clear Skies!

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  1. Cuda
    Cuda February 15, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Nice log book, didn’t come with a glow in the dark (ink) type of pen did it? I find it difficult to read my own notes at night. Seems a good idea for someone like Kindle to make a tablet with a reverse display or backlight the text so it could be read at night. A sort of white on black instead of black on white, LOL

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