More work done on the observatory

Last night Dean Martin, Tom Logan, Butch Demmers and myself, went out to the observatory to finish spreading the bark we had left. We also cut weeds, and cleaned the sidewalks and pads. Butch filled in a giant hole in the wall, between the Astro Physics Center and the restroom. It has been there for years, letting in all kinds of bugs and other creatures into the restroom. I did the outside trim on the restroom paneling. Now all we have to do is to paint the outside. We will do that later this year. The whole place is really looking good, if I don’t say so myself. We are now ready for the Dash Therapy private party next Wednesday night. I can’t wait. It is going to be fun.


Bark Down

Bark spread in observing area

Butch filling giant crack

Butch filling giant crack

Outside trim on front of restroom

Outside trim on front of restroom

Outside trim on restroom wall

Outside trim on side of restroom

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