Meade LXD55 Facelift

Howdy All,

With some prodding from Greg and Butch, I have decided to to begin a small series of posts on the conversion of my scope and the many stages it has gone through on its journey to its current status. I am hoping the posts will be interesting to all and perhaps stir the creative juices for further improvements.

I acquired the scope from Butch, my older brother quite some time ago in its original configuration with its Eq mount and AutoStar controller. Having little interest at the time to get to know the scope, I kept it for quite some time in this config. Butch will have to chime in as to how easy or difficult it was to manage the scope. All I can tell you is the counter weights are monstrous and I still have them. I do recall conversation with Butch about the scope overall and the difficulty he had in working the auto-star and getting the thing to polar align. Nevertheless, he did say often however, how well he liked the optics.

As time went on we discussed the ideas around converting the scope to a dob mount and such, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally decided it was time to do something with the scope or look at getting rid of it. Those of you that have seen the scope, obviously know what path I chose. The conversion, to this point, can be broken into a few stages and in future posts I  will elaborate on each stage.

Stage 1: EQ Mount upgrade. Stage 2: 1st dob mount. Stage 3: Current dob mount. And, Stage 4: Focuser Upgrade. I am hoping that Greg and Butch will add photos and comments moving forward. I will, for the first time, be using the new scope this coming weekend and I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I am sure, as with all new stuff, the kinks are remaining to be worked out. Until next time.

Clear Skies and 73’s

complete with bino-viewer installed


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2 thoughts on “Meade LXD55 Facelift

  1. Butch
    Butch February 21, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Dan, I was really impressed with the operation of your LXD as a dob. You did a great job on it, and it should bring you years of fun. It was also great to have my brother out there with me and hope we have many other nights under dark skies.

  2. Dan Demmers February 22, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks Butch for the comments. We both know how long in coming this has been. The scope worked great this weekend. I have attached some pics of the new configuration. Other than the OTA and primary mirror, NOTHING is the same. The scope is very easy to use comfortable for viewing and the new focuser ( is wonderful.
    The mount is from 1st Base Mounts ( and is very nicely built as shown in the pic. It collapses nicely and the entire scope fits easily into the back of my VW bug.
    The Bino-viewer is from Orion. I purchased it on Amazon (
    The Sky Commander comes with the mount and once I got it figured out (Thanks Greg) they took me exactly where I wanted to go.
    I am very pleased with the new setup and look forward to working with the scope more and more. Would I do it again?……Ya…It’s a Demmers’ thing!

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