May Star Party “Close Encounters”

This Saturday night May14th, the TAA will have its first clear star party of the season. (Weather Permitting) Our location is 9242 Avenue 184 Tulare, CA 93274, The gates will open at 8:00 pm.

We will introduce new technology that is going to change star parties forever. We will be presenting live views of objects on a TV screen that were invisible to the naked eye in the past. Objects that we used to call “faint fuzzies” will now be able to be seen on a large scale and in color. Named objects like the Sombrero Galaxy, Ring Nebula, Owl Nebula, Whirlpool Galaxy will appear in their full glory.

M13 as you will see it tonight. This is a photo of the TV screen taken with my cell phone.



As usual there will be a presentation inside starting at 8:30. The topic will be “Close Encounters”. Jupiter ant the Moon will be within one moon diameter of each other presenting a stunning sight. We will also see Jupiter’s moons Callisto and Io emerge from behind the planet during the night.

Come and join us and be apart of this ground breaking event.

Members are free. Non members, $5.00 per person.

Greg Eckes

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Greg Eckes


I am a retired music teacher. I make custom violins and violas. I play violin in the Tulare County Symphony and fiddle in the Tule River Bluegrass Band. I like camping and astronomy.


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