March Madness

This weekend was very busy for TAA members. The club had a lot of activities going on at the same time in deferent places.

First I want to thank Reese Williford for stepping up and offering to help Dean spray our parking lot weeds. That was a big help. The weeds were really getting out of control.

Another big thanks to Mike Schoenau for hauling off out palm tree stump to the dump. The estimated weight was 2,000 lbs. That stump has been drying out for two years and was taking up a valuable parking spot.

Thanks again Dean, Mike and Reese!!!!!!


Donuts in the sky


This weekend was also the dark site observing weekend. Butch, Ross, myself and our wives attended. As it turned out, the weather conditions were not good. The clouds came in along with the wind and prevented us from using our telescopes. The picture above shows some contrails left behind by a fighter plane doing donuts. Friday night I called Mike Blase and told him not to make the trip. The sky was really bad and getting worse.


Cloudy Sunset

Here is a picture at taken at sunset, Saturday night. The clouds just would not leave.


Desert in bloom

The desert was in full bloom. There were Blue flowers of different types, White and orange ones. If I were a horticulturist, the trip would have been a big success. As far as astronomy goes, it was a bust.

All the campers had a great time visiting and eating. Wish you could have been there.



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Greg Eckes


I am a retired music teacher. I make custom violins and violas. I play violin in the Tulare County Symphony and fiddle in the Tule River Bluegrass Band. I like camping and astronomy.

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  1. nvyshrmp March 23, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Thanks for that call, Greg! We have flowers here in Armona we can look at. I do wish the sites had been better for you though.

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