Harvest Star Party

Uranus. The sideways planet.

Uranus. The sideways planet.

October Harvest Star Party

The Tulare Astronomical will present a public star party Saturday, October 21, at the Arthur Pursell Observatory located at 9242 Avenue 184 Tulare, CA 93274. The Gates will open at 7:00 pm. The event will begin with a tour of the night sky at 7:30.

The night will feature

  • The Orionid Meteor shower, which peaks on the Saturday’s moonless night.
  • The planet Uranus. The planet is in opposition this month, which means that is closer to the earth at this time. William Hershel discovered it in 1781.
  • Caroline’s Rose in Cassiopeia discovered by William Hershel’s sister Caroline.
  • The summer triangle and the Ring Nebula and the Dumbbell Nebula.
  • Say goodbye to Sagittarius for the year. We have our last look at the Swan, the Eagle, and the Wild Duck cluster and M22 globular cluster.

And much more!

  • Dress comfortably (expect cool or cold weather)
  • Bring your own lawn chair to watch for meteors.
  • Only Red lightflashlights can be used in the observing area located behind the metal light screen. Red light is used to preserve our “night vision” allowing everyone to see much fainter objects. White light can be used in the parking lot.
  • Please be on time. The gates will open one half hour before the posted start time.

Cost: $5 per person. (NOTE: no alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises)

Event Cancelation Announcement

If the sky is too cloudy, foggy or raining, the event may be cancelled. Please subscribe to the website so that we can send you an email if an event is cancelled. Cancellations are usually decided by 4:00 pm the day of the event. If you arrive on time and the gate is closed the event has been cancelled.



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