First public event in ten years at APO a big success!

Connie Sousa poses with a telescope in the Astro Physics Center.

Connie Sousa (guest) poses with a telescope in the Manro Astro Physics Center.

The Tulare Astronomical Association held its first public event at the Arthur Pursell Observatory in ten years on October 12, 2013. It was a great success. Most of our club members worked at the event. Jeanne, Sue and Tom greeted people as they entered and collected fees. Tasheena worked the food table. Peanut butter cookies were the hit of the evening. Deva helped kids at the kids table and also helped the kids with the Astroscan telescope. Richard, Marty and Coco parked cars. Mike, Derrick, a friend Tully and Ronnie had club scopes pointed at interesting celestial objects. Ronnie also helped control the flow of people going through the dome. Butch operated the new 12.5″ Cave Astrola telescope in the dome. I presented the topic for the night in the renovated Manro Astro Physics Center. The program was entitled “Fly Me to the Moon”. I showed pictures of the moon’s Alpine Mountains, Alpine valley and the Apennine Mountains where Apollo 15 landed.

The number of people attending the event was impressive. We had 71 adults and 19 children. I invited past president Ken Copland to the event. Ken served as president of the TAA back in the 90″s. It was great to meet him and his family.

It was a busy day for TAA members. It started at 8:00 am. They showed up ready to spread bark on the north side of the observatory and do general cleaning of the building.  We had a real “bucket brigade” going. Five people loaded and pushed  wheel barrows full of bark. Ronnie loaded. He was an absolute machine. Four people spread the bark over the ground. When we finished at 12:30 we couldn’t believe what we had accomplished. The grounds look beautiful now!  TAA members returned at 6:00 pm to get ready for the event. We left the observatory at 10:00 pm.
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December 2012

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  1. Deva-Denise October 18, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    It was a great night! I’m so glad it was such a hit, and I hope that we even get a few new members. I have high hopes that this year will bring renewed interest in the cosmos.

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