Solar Eclipse

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Date(s) - Aug 21, 2017
9:04 AM - 11:44 AM


Central California
Tulare, 93274


Eclipse Solar

The Arthur Pursell Observatory will not be open for this event.

A partial eclipse of the sun here in the central valley will begin at 9:04 am. Maximum will be at 10:07 when 2/3 of the sun will be covered by the moon. The Eclipse ends at 11:45. To see this eclipse as a total eclipse you must be somewhere in the eclipse path.

Event UTC Time Time in Visalia*
First location to see partial eclipse begin Aug 21 at 3:47 PM Aug 21 at 8:47 AM
First location to see full Eclipse begin Aug 21 at 4:49 PM Aug 21 at 9:49 AM
Maximum Eclipse Aug 21 at 6:22 PM Aug 21 at 11:22 AM
Last location to see full Eclipse end Aug 21 at 8:03 PM Aug 21 at 1:03 PM
Last location to see partial Eclipse end Aug 21 at 9:05 PM Aug 21 at 2:05 PM

* Local times shown do not refer to when the eclipse can be observed from Visalia. Instead, they indicate the times when the eclipse begins, is at its max, and ends, somewhere else on earth. The corresponding local times are useful if you want to view the eclipse via a live webcam.

Here is what we should see in our area.












Eclipse Path. Totality is the dark line in the middle of the path.