Club Star Party

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Date(s) - Aug 22, 2014 until Aug 24, 2014
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Big Meadows
Forest Route 14S11, CA
Sequoia National Forest, Tulare
Shell Mountain Taken from Rock 1 in early June


Club Observing APO

The above picture, of Shell Mountain, was taken early June from “Rock 1” .

Club members will bring their scopes to Big Meadows in the Sierra National Forest. This is a camping event. It is rugged. You need to bring your own water. There are no bathroom facilities where we camp. There are bathrooms at the parking lot at the entrance of 14S11 and in the organized campground past our observing/camping area.  For more info about the camping read

Big Meadows is 7,500 high. If the temperature in the valley is 100 deg. it will be 80 deg at Big Meadows. Night temps will be 40-45 deg. so dress warm. If you have a Schmidt/Cassegrain telescope, it is always a good idea to bring your dew shield. You never know what the dew situation will be.

How to find us. Look for my silver GMC 2500 truck and white trailer. We will be in one of three locations:

  1. The first location we call “Rock 1” and is on 14S11A. You can not miss it. It has a perfect view of Shell Mountain. This site is a hard one to get because everyone likes to camp here. The only draw back to this site is the skies to the west are obscured by trees.
  2. The second location we call “rock 2” 14S11B and is about 500 ft. from rock 1. It is also hard to get. large groups like to camp here. It has a perfect 360 deg. view of the sky. The problem with this site is you have to cary your equipment to the rock (about 200 ft). If you have a lot of stuff it is inconvenient.
  3. The third location we call “rock 3” 14S14 (Google does not show it correctly. It shows it as 14S32) To get here, go past rock 2 about 500 ft. turn right on the “Starlight Trail” It is an ATV road and Ski trail in the winter. Go slowly down the Starlight Trail for 3/4 mile. You will see us there. The Starlight Trail is dusty and rough. Go Slow and watch you turns if you are pulling a trailer.

Google Map of Big Meadows area.


Instructions how to get there from the Valley.

  1. Take Hwy 180 East to Kings Canyon National Park. (Note do not use 198 it will take you forever to get there.)
  2. Pay your fee $20.00 (unless you have a Golden Age Pass like me)
  3. Continue on 180 until you come to the General’s Highway Junction.
  4. Turn Right on General’s Highway (CA 198) to Lodge Pole/Giant Forest, and continue for about 8? miles. First  You will pass Kings Canyon Overlook on the left and Buena Vista Trail on your right. You will be getting close. Look for the Big Baldy Trailhead on your right.
  5. Pass Big Baldy Trailhead and drive about 200 ft. and get ready to turn left onto 14S11 Big Meadows.
  6. Turn left on 14S11 and drive for about 1.5 miles. Just before rock 1, the road will make a sharp right and then a left. and “rock 1” will be insight on your right. If we are not there continue to “rock 2”. It will be on your right  500 ft. from rock 1 and in the trees. If we are not there drive another 500 ft. and look on your right for the “Starlight Trail”.
  7. Turn Right onto the Starlight Trail. Drive down the Starlight Trail for 3/4 mile. You can’t miss us. We will be on a granite rock that has a great view of the sky.

Once I leave town it will be impossible to contact me. There is no cell service up there. If you told me that you are coming, I will call you Friday morning from the only spot that I have cell reception and tell you which rock we are on. Otherwise you will have to try to find us on your own.


Bookings are closed for this event.

20 of 20 tickets still available.