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Well, we’ve done it…we completed the first TAA Basic Astronomy for Amateurs  class, and what a class it was!  I would like to thank all of you who participated, and hope that it helped increase your knowledge of astronomy  and appreciation for the night sky.  We certainly appreciate all of the good comments we received on the class, and will be working to implement some of your recommendations for the next one.   I am hoping we can do another class this fall, so watch the website for time and location,  In the meantime, I would invite everyone submit ideas for topics for topics to present on, and discuss during our regular meetings.  I like Greg Eckes’s idea of doing a “You Asked for It”  ( a throw-back from the old 60’s TV show ) format where you post a question, and the TAA will do a presentation or view a informational video on it, followed with discussion.  Anyway, I had tremendous fun teaching the class, as I know Greg did, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next club star gazing event. and meeting.


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Butch Demmers


I am a 1980 graduate of CSU Chico with a BA degree in Geology and enjoy science, mathematics, and nature, particularly astronomy and bird watching.


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  1. Deva-Denise March 17, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    Butch I had a great time in class and learned so much I thought my head would pop! I like the idea of spending a few minutes on one particular object and then viewing it through the big scope, if there is enough time and we have a clear enough night. When I look up at the night sky my brain is slowely identifiying and recognizing more and that makes me very happy! If your willing I would like to what we could do to teach a Cub Scout class so the boys can earn their astronomy pins.

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