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TAA Donates Telescope for the “Library Telescope Program”

Back in December, the Tulare Astronomy Association donated a telescope to the Tulare County Library. The TAA won the scope in a national contest sponsored by the Astronomical League . The AL has a program called the Library Telescope Program. In short, the AL asks telescope manufactures to donate telescopes and eyepieces for the program.  Astronomy clubs across the United States are encouraged to participate in the Library Telescope Program and to file an application.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

A Twenty-Four Year Telescope Odyssey

My love of telescopes started when I first looked through one at the age of twelve. My neighbor was out in his front yard with a 60-millimeter Tasco Telescope that he had just purchased. He showed me the moon and I was forever changed.

In high school I learned how to make a telescope from reading a book by Allen R.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes


This week I have been busy working at the Arthur Pursell Observatory installing the refurbished 1964 Cave, 12.5″ f/6, Newtonian telescope. First I had to clean, paint and rewire the pier that was installed by the TAA in 1967. After the pier was reworked, I installed the Astrola, German Equatorial Mount.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

New Telescope For the TAA

Back in April I purchased a used 12.5″  f/6 Newtonian telescope for the TAA. It was built by the Cave Optical Co. in 1964. Cave was the premiere telescope maker in the US from 1950-1980. Their telescopes were the benchmark for all Newtonian and Cassegrain Telescopes at that time. They are still in use at many universities, colleges and observatories today.… Read the rest

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Meade LXD55 Facelift

Howdy All,

With some prodding from Greg and Butch, I have decided to to begin a small series of posts on the conversion of my scope and the many stages it has gone through on its journey to its current status. I am hoping the posts will be interesting to all and perhaps stir the creative juices for further improvements.… Read the rest

Butch Demmers

Sky Commander

Hey all!!  I’m looking forward to next weekend in the desert to put my new SC circles to good use.   I’m really excited about the expanded database of objects and the way the database is laid out.  I expect that it will make navigation to various objects much easier.  Oh, by the way, my NGC Max computer will be for sale if anyone is  interested.… Read the rest

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