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Greg Eckes

Busy Month for the TAA

This month has been really exciting and busy for the TAA.

  • July 30th, the TAA installed an air conditioner in the Astro Physics Center. It was donated by a friend of Tom Logan. MD construction cut a hole in the concrete block wall of the Astro Physics Center and Tom and I installed the air conditioner.
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Butch Demmers


Hey all,

Greg and I got out to the Purcell Observatory last night for a few hours of viewing through the 10″ dome scope.  I was impressed by the clarity of the images in a scope that has set idle for as many years as this scope has.  M42, M82-81, M78, M97 and others all looked really good!  … Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Comet Pan-STARRS

March 12-16 is supposed to be the best time to view Comet Pan-STARRS. Follow the link below to see a picture of what it might look like. Make comments on this post if you try to view it and tell us where you were and what you saw.

http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/news-display.cfm?News_ID=567Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Sneak Preview Report @ APO on Monday Feb 11

Monday I spent the day cleaning the mirror for the 10″ Harry Brewster Brown Telescope that is in the dome. I also cleaned and fixed the 13″ mirror and mirror mount for the 13″ DOB. Monday night we had a sneak preview out at the Arthur Pursell Observatory (APO). Ronnie, Butch, Skip, and Kimber  and I attended.… Read the rest

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