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Butch Demmers

Astro Trivia

Hey everyone!   If you weren’t there, you missed a great meeting this last week.  Greg had lots of good information on comets, asteroids, and Jupiter, as well as the usual club business.  But the real fun was playing our first ever round of The Great TAA Astronomy Trivia Challenge.  We divided the group into two teams, and each team got a crack at answering some pretty challenging (but practical) astronomy questions.Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Basic Astronomy Class

Basic Astro Class

Who:      The Tulare Astronomical Association (TAA)

What:    The TAA will hold a class in Basic Astronomy. The class is geared toward the beginning and novice astronomer who wishes to gain a better understanding of the night sky. The class will include lectures on motions of the night sky, how the solar system was formed, evolution of the stars and galaxies, and expansion of the universe.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

TAA has a YouTube Channel

Hi everyone,

The TAA now has a YouTube channel. We will use this channel to upload our simulations and other videos for streaming and higher resolution images. I have just uploaded a video that I made of the eclipse set to music. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Butch Demmers

Class Wrap-Up

Well, we’ve done it…we completed the first TAA Basic Astronomy for Amateurs  class, and what a class it was!  I would like to thank all of you who participated, and hope that it helped increase your knowledge of astronomy  and appreciation for the night sky.  We certainly appreciate all of the good comments we received on the class, and will be working to implement some of your recommendations for the next one.  … Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

TAA Annual Report 2013

I want to thank all of our TAA members for their support this year. With your help we have been able to stop the deterioration of our observatory facility and start the rebuilding the Tulare Astronomical Association.

Our club has been blessed with so many wonderful members this year. Your enthusiasm and interest in the club has been a real source of inspiration to me.… Read the rest

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Butch Demmers

TAA January Meeting

Hello everyone.  I hope your holidays were joyous and fun-filled!  The new year is upon us now and we hope to make this the best year yet for the TAA.  With that said, I want to remind everyone that our January meeting will be held  at the Arthur Purcell Observatory in Tulare next Wednesday, January 8th at 7:00 p.m.  … Read the rest

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Butch Demmers

January Reminders

Hi everyone!  Hope you are all planning for a wonderful holiday season loaded with food, fun, friends and family.  I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind our members that club dues are due at out January meeting.  Please come prepared to make your payment, as your dues help our club grow and meet out monthly expenses.  … Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Tribute to Tom Logan

Tom Logan

Tom Logan

This week the TAA lost a great friend and wonderful supporter, Tom Logan. He passed away at home on Thanksgiving Day. Services will be held on December 14th at 2:00 P.M. at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Visalia.

Tom joined the TAA in 2002 after buying his telescope from a friend.Read the rest

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Media Team

To view the contents of this post, you must be authenticated and have the required access level.… Read the rest

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Minor Website Updates

Hello all. We hope Fall is greeting you all with some welcomed cooler weather and clear skies. There have been several updates to the website recently and we wanted to bring them to your attention. We are hoping by streamlining administrative tasks we can focus more on the mission of the club and most of all spend more time sharing our passion with one another.… Read the rest

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