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Greg Eckes

What’s up February 2015

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Butch Demmers

Close Encounter

There was an article in the Times-Delta this morning saying that Earth had a close encounter with a large asteroid today.  The rock was apparently as large as the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, and had it hit us dead on, it would certainly have been lights out!  Thing is, I did not hear anything about this until today.  … Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Spectacular August Conjunction of Jupiter & Venus

Get up early this week and witness a spectacular conjunction. You don’t want to miss this one!

A conjunction is when two or more solar objects objects appear unusually close together. If you watch the objects over a period of time, say one week, you will notice how the objects are moving together and then apart.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Look for the Meteor Storm

All TAA member; Next Friday night, May 23, our planet will pass through the debris trail of comet 209P/LINEAR as we discussed at our last meeting. Here is more info about the event. Remember that we will have a club observing party at the APO for this event. Bring you lawn chairs, binoculars and scopes to observe some Messier objects and this meteor shower.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

TAA has a YouTube Channel

Hi everyone,

The TAA now has a YouTube channel. We will use this channel to upload our simulations and other videos for streaming and higher resolution images. I have just uploaded a video that I made of the eclipse set to music. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Greg Eckes

Asteroid Occults Regulas

On Wednesday evening, March 19th, a rare astronomical event will take place. The asteroid Erigone will pass in front of the star Regulus in the constellation Leo. For people living in New York and eastern Canada this event will take place at 2:07 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. They will actually see Regulus disappear for 14 seconds.… Read the rest

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Butch Demmers

Comet Ison

Hey all you star-gazers out there.  Don’t miss out on what could be one of the biggest astronomical events of the year!  Comet Ison (C/2012 S1) is approaching the inner Solar System and should become visible to the naked eye later this month and throughout all of next month.  If predictions are right, the comet could be as bright as the full moon on closest approach to the Sun!  … Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Comet Pan-STARRS update

Last night we went out to the Arthur Pursell Observatory to view the comet. What a great night. The weather was fantastic. It was hard to view the comet from the observatory because of the trees off in the horizon. Our neighbors, Dean and Hope Martin invited us on to view it through a clearing on their property.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

How to get to Mars

If you haven’t seen this you might want to look at it. It is a great animation. the rest

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Greg Eckes

The 2012 Solar Eclipse (May 20th)

Last weekend I went to Sparks Nevada to visit my brother Dave and Sister Liz. Dave had invited some friends over for an eclipse party. Sparks, which is right next to Reno, was in perfect alignment to observe the annular eclipse. We had six pair of eclipse glasses and a solar pinhole camera box.… Read the rest

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