California City Observing

Hi all!  I just wanted to give a very brief update on our recent dark site observing event in California City.  Well, first of all, we had a GREAT time!  Greg Eckes and Greg’s brother from Sparks, Nevada was there, as well as myself, Mike Blase, and Greg’s next door neighbors, Ray and Sandy.  

The weather was pretty much perfect, although we did fight a few persistent clouds from time-to-time.  This did not detract from the viewing though.  Mike was able to gain a lot of experience using his Celestron refractor and became much more comfortable with navigating the sky.  He also brought along his binoculars, which were the best pair of binoculars I’ve ever looked through.  They should be though, at a cost of about $600!  I could hardly put them down.

It was a long weekend so we were able to observe both Saturday and Sunday nights.  However, Mike was only able to spend Saturday night with us, and I opted for more snooze time Sunday night (I know, what a wimp!).  We looked at a lot of the usual “eye candy” as well as a number of not-so-well-known objects, including Thor’s Helmet.  Of course, I missed out on this due to my desire for a better night’s rest, but Greg and Dave said it was really great.  All-in-all, this was one of those weekends we were glad we have a desert in California. It couldn’t have been much more perfect, and I am sorry more of you couldn’t have joined us :-(.


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I am a 1980 graduate of CSU Chico with a BA degree in Geology and enjoy science, mathematics, and nature, particularly astronomy and bird watching.


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  1. nvyshrmp February 18, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    I had a great time meeting everybody (and eating their food!). And the eyepiece time was the best I’ve had yet. I was very glad to get some hands-on tutelage from this great group of people, and highly look forward to much more. Thanks so much everybody!

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