California City Observing Feb 18, 2012

Last month some of us attended the TAA star party in California City. Friday night turned out to be the warmest and the best night. Saturday was cold and windy. Sunday was good but very cold. Marks thermometer on Mead Hand-control registered a temperature of 27 deg. Friday night, Danny Eckes took this time-lapsed photo on the night. He started about 7:00 PM and ended about 11:00 PM. If you look closely you will notice the hill behind us lighting up. That was from Mark and his biker friends arriving and setting up. Look at the left corner and you will see some fireworks from some nearby campers. Look at the sky and you will see a shooting star and the clouds rolling in that ended the nights observing.

This second video is a short time-lapsed video of our observing activity Sunday night. It was made during our last hour. The red streak is Mark walking with his red light on, on his way to bed. The bright red light at the end is me putting my scope away.

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Greg Eckes


I am a retired music teacher. I make custom violins and violas. I play violin in the Tulare County Symphony and fiddle in the Tule River Bluegrass Band. I like camping and astronomy.


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