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The wind blew, the temps dropped, black clouds rolled in, but we still had a great time.  Greg and I got some eyepiece time on Friday night and had fun looking for the Horsehead (yes, still trying), M42, M1, M81 and 82 and a host of other treats.  After a few hours the clouds started to roll in and we lost it.  We were cold anyway, and bed sounded real good.  Saturday?…well Saturday was a whole different story.  The astronomy gods were not happy!  The wind blew hard all night and all day, and the skies got very cloudy; it was cold too.  We just hunkered down in the trailers and waited it out.

Sunday saw clearing and we were able to get out to the scopes Sunday night.  Mark, Dan D., Greg, Greg’s son Danny, and I had a great night out there.  Dan’s remodeled LXD 55 (now a dob) worked superbly.  We checked out a number of the M’s and NGC’s in his bino-viewers.  What a treat!!  Nice job Dan.  Danny Eckes shot some great video of the stars in motion across the sky and of night activities at the scopes.  He should be posting these on our website soon so all can enjoy them.  Thanks Danny.  Well,  around 11 p.m. or so, we lost the sky and called it quits.  All -in-all a great weekend 🙂

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Butch Demmers


I am a 1980 graduate of CSU Chico with a BA degree in Geology and enjoy science, mathematics, and nature, particularly astronomy and bird watching.


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