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I am a retired music teacher. I make custom violins and violas. I play violin in the Tulare County Symphony and fiddle in the Tule River Bluegrass Band. I like camping and astronomy.

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Pictures From the April and May Star Parties

We had great participation by club members at our star parties this year. Here are a few pictures taken by Kimber Glick taken while we were waiting for the sky to get dark. Thanks everyone for helping out. Next star party September 19th.

Aaron Hubbard and Cookie Matthews at the entrance.

Aaron Hubbard and Cookie Matthews at the entrance.

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Solar System Extravaganza

If you want to solve the water problem in California, just schedule a star party. Fortunately the weather looks good for Saturday night. The weather report says that it will be mostly clear.

The theme for Saturday night is our solar system. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible.… Read the rest

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Astronomy Day in the Times Delta the rest

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Astronomy Day at the APO

This Saturday is National Astronomy Day. In recognition of this day,  the Arthur Pursell Observatory will be open to the public from 7:30 to 10:30 PM. Club members will have their telescopes available for attendees to look through.

The program will start at 8:00 PM SHARP in the Stan Manro Astro Physics Center.… Read the rest

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April Meeting Has Been Rescheduled

Great News,

Edison came out last night about 2:00 am and replaced the fuses and transformers that supply the APO with power. They were originally installed in 1967. So now we have a state of the art power supply. The old ones used to make the lights flicker every so often.… Read the rest

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New Sign for the APO Entrance

This month we had a former member of the TAA rejoin our club after a fourteen year hiatus. His name is Bob Anderson.

At our last meeting, I mentioned to the club that I would like to see someone take the responsibility to make a new sign for our parking lot entrance and to restore the old sign that we have hanging on our Astro Physics Center outside wall.… Read the rest

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March Madness

This weekend was very busy for TAA members. The club had a lot of activities going on at the same time in deferent places.

First I want to thank Reese Williford for stepping up and offering to help Dean spray our parking lot weeds. That was a big help. The weeds were really getting out of control.… Read the rest

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March Star Party A Big Success

Last night’s star party was a big success. Thanks to all the TAA members that came out to help. The public really enjoyed looking through your scopes. I could tell that you were having a fun time sharing with them. We were very fortunate that the clouds cleared out for an hour and a half.… Read the rest

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What’s up February 2015

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Basic Astronomy Class

Basic Astro Class

Who:      The Tulare Astronomical Association (TAA)

What:    The TAA will hold a class in Basic Astronomy. The class is geared toward the beginning and novice astronomer who wishes to gain a better understanding of the night sky. The class will include lectures on motions of the night sky, how the solar system was formed, evolution of the stars and galaxies, and expansion of the universe.… Read the rest

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