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Married, family of 3. Work too much. Not enough time under the stars. I work in Fresno for a community bank as the director of Information Technology. I enjoy camping, home theater, spending time with my children and the rare opportunities I get to spend time with TAA members under the stars...

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Dan Demmers

Meade LXD55 Facelift

Howdy All,

With some prodding from Greg and Butch, I have decided to to begin a small series of posts on the conversion of my scope and the many stages it has gone through on its journey to its current status. I am hoping the posts will be interesting to all and perhaps stir the creative juices for further improvements.… Read the rest

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Night Sky Tracker Log


Since I am feeling rather prolithic this week, I thought I would share my most recent purchase from my favorite online store, Amazon. I have been attempting to get Austin, my son, involved in this hobby and have been looking for a beginner’s logbook of sorts that would allow him to record his oberservations and learn a bit more about astronomy at the same time.… Read the rest

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Scale of the Universe

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought this little interactive tool would help in the discussion of the complexity of the universe we love. Take some time and scan through it. You wont be disappointed.

Dan… Read the rest

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Orion Binocular Viewer First Look

Last evening at the close of our regular monthly meeting, the TAA members adjourned to the Eckes observatory to experience what was a somewhat unexpected pleasure.

Not long ago, in an effort to adjust for my relatively advanced astigmatism, I purchased the Orion bino’s from Amazon for around $200.oo. My first thought given the price for these beauties was I was about to waist a couple of bills.… Read the rest

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