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Saturday we had our 3rd work day at the Arthur Pursell Observatory. We really got a lot done. Kimber, Don and I took everything out of the Astro Physics Center and set it outside to be cleaned and dusted. Then we washed down the walls and floor. Butch and Mike cleaned the walls, floor and dome track. They also cleaned the dome’s telescope. Dean, Butch and Mike also worked on leveling the dirt in-between the observing pads. Our neighbor Glen took down the palm tree and eucalyptus tree in the parking lot. They were messy and obscured our horizon. Now everything looks clean and almost new. Thanks guys for all of your hard work. To enlarge the pictures click on one. Click on the tab on the side of the enlarged picture to move through all of them.

Stuff outside

All of our equipment outside for cleaning.

Washing floor

Don pushing water out the door.

Vacuuming water

Kimber vacuuming up the water on the floor

Washing walls

Greg rinsing the walls after they have been cleaned.

loosening dirt

Breaking Up The Ground

moving dirt

Butch Guiding Dean

Palm tree down

Palm Down

Palm tree down1

Palm Down

Moving palm tree

Dragging palm away.

Palm stump

Digging the palm stump

Moving stump

Stump removed

cutting wood

Dean cutting tree in to firewood.

room finished

Astro Physics Room Cleaned

Room finished2

Astro Physics Room Enterance

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