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Greg Eckes

This month is Dues Month

To all old members and new members, now is the time to pay your dues. I will be updating our membership list for the Astronomical League and subscriptions for the web site. Remember that your dues is what keeps the TAA running and pays our bills. Our monthly meeting is this Wednesday.… Read the rest

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Butch Demmers

February Challenges

NGC 891 – Andromeda

This is one of my all-time favorites.  NGC 891 is a beautiful edge-on spiral galaxy, elongated in the NE-SW direction just west of the bright star Almaak.  Particularly striking is the prominent lane and central bulge.  I really like the way this galaxy takes on a “ghost-like” appearance against the foreground of  stars in the Milky Way.  … Read the rest

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Friday Night at Pena Planetarium

For those not -in the know-,  TAA provides free public viewing opportunites. Friday night is one of them. This is a great time to see several planets.

Neptune, (if the sky gets dark enough, early enough), Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter.

The moon will also be about 1/3 lit, which makes for some great viewing

It is possible that there could also be a solar scope available for anyone arriving early, (let me know if there any interest in that)

location is found elsewhere on this site

Come one, come all.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Horsehead Nebula 1-13-12

Friday night, while observing in the Mojave Desert, I decided to try again to find the Horsehead Nebula. This time I had my 13.1 inch Dob. The sky was very clear with very little wind. After much trial and error, I was able to make out the Horsehead. I used my 17mm Nagler  (88X magnification) with a nebula filter.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

Desert Observing 1-13-12

Last Friday night in the Mojave Desert was great. The sky was clear and transparent. There was a very slight breeze and the temperature was about 42 deg. Saturday morning the clouds came it and stayed all day. Saturday night there was a big hole in the clouds over our head and the sky looked pretty good but the ari was cold..… Read the rest

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Sign Up!

Joining the TAA website is a great way to keep in touch and informed of all ongoings of the club. As a subscriber you will receive all e-mail announcements and be able to comment on posts written by club members. You will also be able to register for public events.… Read the rest

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Greg Eckes

San Simeon December 2011

I set up my Nexstar 11 early in the evening to let it get acclimated. The evening was warm, for December (about 50 deg.) The stars were twinkling franticly. There was no moisture in the air and no dew. The air felt like a spring evening.

About 9:00pm Butch and I began our observing session.… Read the rest

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